For Fucks Sake

Trade Paper
  • 316 pages
  • 5 x 8 inches
  • ISBN: 978-09703125-1-8
  • 2002-03-01


“If all writers were like Robert Lasner, it would mean The End of American Literature. Since I support The End of American Literature, I urge you to buy this book and give it to a teenager. Tell him (or her) that it’s the future of writing. In twenty years, if the planet still exists, a generation of Lasner clones will bloom and American Literature will end.”–Neal Pollack

An underground cult classic, For Fucks Sake is a blisteringly honest and darkly comic portrayal of one man’s search for true love. Lasner takes us on an unforgettable ride from the Mardi Gras mayhem of New Orleans to the madness of early 1990s New York, hooking up along the way with, among others, a lesbian bartender and the wife of his best friend!

Robert Lasner is the Editor-in-Chief of Ig Publishing. He currently lives in none of the places depicted in this novel.