Proud to be Liberal

Proud To Be Liberal

  • 208 pages
  • 5.5 x 8.25 inches
  • ISBN: 978-09752517-6-8
  • 2006-02-01


In response to the demonization of the “L-word” that has occurred over the past twenty years comes Proud To Be Liberal, a defiant celebration of the past, present and future of liberalism in America.

An all-star collection of writers, activists, scholars, cartoonists and bloggers—STEVE ALMOND, ERIC ALTERMAN, BLANCHE WIESEN COOK, WILL DURST, DANNY GOLDBERG, BOB HARRIS, THOM HARTMANN, LAILA LALAMI, MAUD NEWTON, NEAL POLLACK, TED RALL, DAVID REES, DANNY SCHECHTER, BILL SCHER, JEN SORENSON, RALPH TEMPLE, TOM TOMORROW, HARVERY WASSERMAN, MATTHEW YGLESIAS AND ERIC ZORN—show that not only were America’s greatest achievments the result of liberal policies, but that this country’s future can only be secured by a reinvigoration of liberalism.

Bold and exciting, this groundbreaking collection is a call to arms for liberals—and progressives—who want to take their country back.